Joseph Busselle and the NYC RR

This is from Beverly Plack who was nice enough to send us these scans of her grandfather, Joseph Busselle, when he was working for the New York Central RR.

Here's some background information from Beverly.

My grandfather Joseph Busselle worked for the NY Central Railroad. I have retirement pictures and pictures of his work and his cronies at lunch that I think would be nice to contribute. I can scan them to you if you'd like.


Hi Henry,
Okay Great! Glad to oblige. Here's the first scan. This is my Grampa Joe's retirement. A little background from my Dad (Robert Joseph Busselle) about my Grampa Joe (Joseph Busselle):
Grampa was not much on talking about his job.

He first worked for the B&O RR in Indianapolis and then was transferred to Buffalo and the NY Central. He worked for them for over 50 years. He worked in the office until around 1948 and the was promoted to Superintendent of Car Service and traveled a lot to NY city and Boston.This was the part of the RR that kept track of the box cars.At one time he had over 300 women working under his direction. They sat in long rows and entered info (by hand in large books) about where the boxcars were and what they were carrying for the purpose of billing another railroad whose cars were on the NYC tracks, and viseversa. He worked on the very first large computer that the RR purchased to track the cars . I am sure you have heard of the Univac. One of the first large computers, it was 8 ft high and 10 feet long or thereabouts and had to be programmed every day. He learned to do this and was very proud.

He loved the RR .
Guess that's about it

If anyone has any more information on these photos please email Webmaster and we'll add it to the captions.

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Joseph Busselle's retirement photo
Joe is on the left receiving his retirement
File="busselle_j_retirement.jpg" Size=62526

This appears to be a boardroom meeting. I'm not sure if it was at Central Terminal or not
Joe is the second man seated from the far end of the tabele on the right side
File="busselle_j_rr.jpg" Size=73982

Joe and "his cronies" outside the "The Terminal Lunch" on Curtiss St near Buffalo Central Terminal
Joe is second from the left and fifth from the left is Gil Driscoll and Al Katz is second from the right
File="busselle_j_rrcronies.jpg" Size=77805

The New York Central General Freight Office in Buffalo Central Terminal, March 19, 1952
Left side: front man in white shirt, Mr. Perry, Freight Agent; Far Left Standing in rear, Gus Dinunzio, OSD Clerk; Far Rear standing, McDonough, Asst Chief Clerk;
Right side: 2nd from the bottom, Frank Belliotti (Soon to be Chief Clerk, Perry Retires shortly)
Thanks to Rich Busselle for those whom he could identify!
File="busselle_j_rrfreightroom.jpg" Size=77153

The New York Central Machine Room, Section 3 in Buffalo Central Terminal, March 21, 1952
File="busselle_j_rrmachineroom.jpg" Size=70150